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"We purchased our vacation home in Hollywood, Florida two years ago and since we are not able to be there full time, we were in need of a house sitter. I found the Home and Away website and was immediately impressed with the website as it seemed to addressed our requirements. We called to arrange a meeting with Elliot Lisak, who is the owner of the company. We were impressed with Elliot's professional approach and knowledge of our needs. We signed a contract with him that day and have never looked back since. He has proven himself to be totally honest and trustworthy. His weekly reports on the status of our home are very important to us and he has dealt with many issues regarding repairs and general upkeep of our home. We can sleep nights knowing Elliot will be available 24 hours a day (as he has already been), in case of emergencies.

We highly recommend Home and Away for your peace of mind!"

- Rob & Rhonda G.

"I have been using Home & Away Residential Services for several years now to look after my home while I am away. I am quite pleased with the care and attention given to my property by Elliot Lisak and his staff. Elliot’s visits have caught potential issues before minor things blossomed into bigger things. I have supplied him with a list of contractors I use to maintain my property, and he stays on top of them to make sure I get the best value and work from these contractors in my absence. Elliot is in frequent communication with me and reports after every in-home visit. If there is any maintenance or repair work that needs to be done, we speak and agree who will do what work and when it will be done.

I trust Elliot completely with my home."

- Kenneth G.

"Elliot and Home & Away have been everything I expected and more. He keeps me updated on the status of my house while I have been gone and notices anything that is out of place. I truly feel my home is in good hands and I would recommend his services to others."

- John S.

Useful Links

www.ready.gov   Provides information about, being informed, make a plan,  build a kit and more

www.fema.gov    U.S. Department  of Homeland Security. Provides Plan, Prepare @ Mitigate, Disaster Survivor Assistance, Response & Recovery & More

www.nhc.noaa.gov  National Weather Service . Provides Hurricane Information

www.floodsmart.gov  The Official Site of NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Flooding & Flood Risks.  Contains a calculator to Measure your Damage (inches/dollars)

www.stormw.wordpress.com  Down to earth forecasts, detailed, honest and provides realistic information (located in Florida)

www.crownweather.com Good forecasts and a lot of information (located N.E.)

Affiliates & Partners

New England Inventory & Appraisal Services, Inc. provides pro-active solutions that safeguard your possessions and assets in case of disaster. We offer home and business inventories, professional appraisals of general personal property (antiques, collections, furniture, art, machinery & equipment and more), and turnkey solutions of decedent estates. We are the only company in the New England area that includes a certified valuation with every inventory.

Our extensive experience with attorneys, banks, insurance companies and homeowners has spanned over 9 years. Our clients have trusted us to be thorough, efficient and affordable.

We have partnered with Peter Yvanovich, SPA of New England Inventory & Appraisal Services, Inc. Peter is the President of the National Association of Professional Appraisers, a national and international association that certifies and helps members adhere to strict standards of appraisal practice.

Our reports comply with The Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and IRS Regulations. We have partnered with Home & Away Residential Services because of our close relationship and shared vision.

Please contact Peter for more details. For more info:

Peter Yvanovich, SPA - (978) 807-0589
or peter@newenglandinventory.com

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