Professional Home Inventory Services

You work hard for what you have. PROTECT IT!

An up-to-date home inventory is one of the primary steps that everyone should take to financially protect themselves against Natural Disasters, Insurance Claims, Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate and more. Take positive action now.

Have Home & Away …. together we can work together to protect your Personal Property Investments. We will detail with precision the many wonderful, treasured items that make your house a home!

In the aftermath of a crisis, could you accurately describe all of your possessions? Of course not. In the Court of Law, a Divorce, Probate, Trusts, or any legal procedure  a fair distribution of  personal property will be required by your Attorney and the Court.

Your Insurance Company, Attorney, The Court and your Financial Advisor and as the Recipient(s) will require exact details and preferably photos and supporting documents, everything that are involved.

A professional inventory of your home & its contents can ease your mind & make starting over a whole lot easier. Our services establish a detailed record supporting Insurance Claims, Estates, Wills & Trusts. Let us professionally prepare a complete list & digital photographic inventory of all your possessions.

New! Home & Away Residential Services now offers appraisals and valuations of possessions and items listed in an inventory. We are the only Home Inventory company in South Florida to offer a certified valuation with an inventory.

Home & Away Residential Services CAN HELP! We understand that finding the time to fully document all of your possessions is a time-consuming & somewhat daunting task. Let the professionals do it for you! Our goal is to provide quality personalized home inventory service to insure your peace of mind in case the insurance company ever comes calling.


Consider a Home & Away Personal Property Inventory!

You are worth more than you think!

  • Most individuals underestimate the overall value of their estate and assets

  • Ensure a speedier, detailed and proper insurance reimbursement process

  • Executor roles are often assumed and therefore individuals are not adequately prepared to complete the necessary responsibilities

  • Without organized files and information, the overall process can be overwhelming and a financial disaster

  • Eliminates confusion over final requests and desires

  • Improved access to key information and documentation will reduce time to finalize estate paperwork and related costs

  • Reduces burden on loved ones, reducing stress, time and additional effort

  • New! Certified Valuations available with your home inventory

  • Incorporate supporting documents such as appraisal records, bills of sale & certificates of authenticity

  • Help determine the replacement cost of your lost or damaged possessions to settle your claim quickly (subject to the provisions of your homeowners policy)

  • We help Provide faster settlements, correct values and quantities, greater client satisfaction, with timely execution.
  • Our Professional Services support a "Fair Settlement Process" for all involved
  • In the event of a loss, it makes it easier for you to file a complete insurance claim or a legal claim.
  • New! Certified Valuations available with your home inventory

You've worked a lifetime to acquire the personal items that have significant & sentimental value to you. Don't fall victim to the unexpected - let Home & Away provide the practical planning, expertise & prevention before a catastrophe strikes. Our professional home inventory service can help protect your property! Give us a call today & let us help you be prepared for any crisis.

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