Home Watch

For Peace of Mind While You’re Away


Home Watch offers peace of mind while you’re away, watching over your property with professional care and ensuring that all is well. We identify any problems that need to be repaired or resolved.

Weather Damage

When you’re away and severe weather occurs, we’ll carefully inspect your property and report damage quickly.

Pest Control

We’ll watch for signs of pest infestation and stay on top of scheduled pest control, ensuring your home stays secure.

Plumbing Problems

Leaking pipes or faucets can lead to big bills if you’re not paying attention. We’ll inspect regularly and notify you quickly.

AC & HEATING Systems

We’ll keep an eye on your air conditioning and heating, ensuring they’re operating efficiently during your absence.


Visit Properties Regularly

Our trained staff routinely visits your property, looking for potential areas of concern or possible damage.

Notify Owner of Any Problems

When we find an issue, we quickly reach out to our homeowners to start the process of repair.

Oversee All Repairs

Under the homeowner’s guidance, we coordinate the successful resolution to any issue we encounter.

Available 365/24/7


Learn how to secure your residence while away.


Home Watch offers a customized set of services for homeowners, focused on keeping your property safe, secure, and in pristine condition while you are away.

A certified inspector will visit your property to perform a routine inspection and to talk with you about any areas of particular concern. Our routine inspection includes:

  • Security Alarm Test
  • Window, Door, and Garage Inspection
  • Water Heater Disconnection
  • Thermostat and Ice Maker Reset
  • Unnecessary Appliance Disconnection
  • Smoke Detector Battery Replacement
  • Shutters and Window Coverings Shut

In-person inspections go above and beyond the protection that a security system alone can offer. Our regular visits include:

  • Deters theft through regular presence and maintained exterior
  • Securing entryways, including doors, locks, windows, and garage entrances
  • Walking the yard and perimeter for changes in fences, roofs, gutters, and siding
  • Inspecting major systems, like swimming pools, external lighting & A/C units
  • Evaluating the interior of the home, watching for any leaking plumbing or other issues
  • Coordinating with regular pest control, lawn, and pool maintenance companies
  • Handling emergency preparation in the event of hurricanes
  • Reporting problems immediately and coordinating repairs on behalf of the homeowner
  • Sending regular written reports, with photographs, to homeowners

Home Watch prepares your home for your return, eliminating stress and worry for homeowners. This process includes:

  • Inspection of your home, including the perimeter and major systems, ready for your return
  • Reconnection of water heater and other appliances
  • Reset of thermostat, ice maker, and pool system if necessary
  • Tests of security system, smoke detector, and other safety systems
  • Removal of shutters and window coverings
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