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Bonded & Insured

Home Inventory Services  

Protect your investment before any loss or prepare the transfer of personal items … Divorce, Death, Weather, Burglary, Life Changes or Catastrophic Event Occurs.  Whether it is Natural and/or Man Made doesn’t make a difference. Detail with precision the many wonderful, treasured items that make your house a home!

Having an up-to-date home inventory is a crucial component of Financial Changes, Disaster Preparedness and Life Changes.

Don’t wait until after a Disaster, Weather, Fire, Flood and Burglary before any loss occurs.  Prepare before the Financial Transfer of personal items … Divorce, Estate and Trust Planning, and Life Changes or Catastrophic Events Occur, to think about a home inventory. Whether it is Natural and/or Man Made doesn’t make a difference. Detail with precision the many wonderful, treasured items that make your house a home!

In the aftermath of a crisis, could you accurately describe all of your possessions? Your Insurance Company, your Attorney, the Court and your Financial Advisor will want and require exact details, & preferably photos, of everything that may have been damaged or lost, or items to be distributed to family members.

"If you think that having insurance is enough, THINK AGAIN! Insurance companies will only pay for losses on items that you can prove you own!"


A professional inventory with a Valuation and Certified Appraisal of your home & its contents can ease your mind & make starting over or a fair distribution whole lot easier. Our services establish a detailed record supporting insurance claims, estates, probate, wills & trusts. Let us assist you professionally prepare a complete list & digital photographic inventory of all your possessions.

New! - Home & Away Residential Services is pleased to announce we are performing Valuations and Certified Appraisals of personal property. We are now able to perform valuations on all our inventories. We can add valuations to your possessions with your home inventory. This helps you when making an Insurance Claim, Estate Valuation, or a Divorce settlement. We are the only Home Inventory company in South Florida to offer a certified valuation with an inventory.

Home & Away Residential Services CAN HELP! We understand that finding the time to fully document all of your possessions is a time-consuming & somewhat daunting task. Let the professionals do it for you! Our goal is to provide quality personalized home inventory service to insure your peace of mind in case the insurance company ever comes calling.

Call us for more details on how we can help you better protect your possessions and assets

Professional Home Sitting Services

Home & Away Residential Services offers home sitting services designed to provide security & peace of mind when you're away from home. Who watches your house when you're away? We can!

We visit your residence during any time you're away. Should any problem arise, prompt notification, & timely action is taken to remedy most situations. Your property is monitored to deter theft or burglary & directly attended should catastrophe or natural disaster occur. If not identified & resolved with immediacy, a seemingly minor issue CAN become costly & dangerous.

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